C-Reactive Protein

Charles Wispert
July 27, 2019

Several of my clients have to have their PCP order their labs in order to be covered by insurance. Some physicians will be gracious enough to honor my request and others refuse. The reason most refuse is they state some of the labs I order are not necessary. Two of the labs that seem the most controversial is the CRP and Homocysteine. I would like to explain the reason I order CRP. I will address Homocysteine in a follow up article.

It is an established fact that more people are dying form inflammatory disease than infectious disease. Inflammatory diseases include diabetes, coronary heart disease, Alzheimers, autoimmune conditions, and cancer. Driving forces of inflammation is sugar consumption and intestinal permeability. One way to measure and track inflammation is with a lab referred to as CRP-HS or "High Sensitivity” C-Ractive Protein.

CRP is a protein that circulates in the blood that signals heightened states of inflammation. It turns out is is the most clinically studied inflammatory protein. High CRP levels increase heart attack risk threefold, even when LDL level is low. When elevated CRP occurs in the company of small LDL particle size, a very high risk for heart attack can develop—a risk that is sixfold greater. CRP can detect low levels of inflammation. While highly elevated levels nearly always represent inflammation outside the heart (e.g., arthritis) and should not be used to prognosticate coronary risk, modestly elevated levels can be used to gauge low-grade inflammation that contributes to coronary plaque rupture. The reference range of CRP is 0.00-3.00. Optimal levels are less than 1.

Healthy lifestyle choices, such as restricting saturated fat, consumption of healthy fats, refined carbohydrate restriction, and engaging in regular exercise, are the best way to lower CRP. Fish oil can be a useful adjunct in your program for turning off inflammation and lowering CRP.

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