Advanced Lipid Testing

Advanced Lipid Testing

"Advanced Lipid Testing may be recommended by your healthcare provider to optimize your cholesterol treatment. Advanced lipid tests are performed because standard cholesterol tests may not completely represent cholesterol-related risk for heart attacks and strokes." - National Lipid Association

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Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Standard blood cholesterol tests (measuring total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and triglycerides) have helped doctors to accurately assess heart disease risk in many patients. Recent advances in medical science have demonstrated that conventional cholesterol testing provides only limited insight into the multiple factors that underlie cardiovascular disease. In fact, these tests identify only 40% of those at risk for coronary heart disease.

The good news is, scientists have developed a more advanced blood test that can far more accurately gauge your risk of heart disease. Cardiovascular risk assessment has evolved beyond lipid values to include inflammation, lipoprotein subfractions, and apolipoproteins. Studies show that LDL and HDL subclasses are predictive of short- and long-term cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk, atherosclerotic progression, and multiple intervention events.

Should You Be Tested?

Yes! All Patients should be tested, especially if you:

  • Have a family history of heart disease or diabetes
  • Have been diagnosed with heart disease or diabetes
  • Are already taking cholesterol-lowering medications
  • Have been diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome (high blood pressure)
  • Struggle with obesity
  • Have high LDL – the bad cholesterol
  • Have low LDL – the good cholesterol
  • Have high triglycerides

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